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Madeline Charles

High Vibe Life Coach

Day One Training from Madeline: Cultivating Unshakeable Confidence for Stressing Less and Living High Vibe

Last Day Training from Madeline: Better Boundaries for High Vibe Living

Madeline empowers women to resolve the root cause of their sleep, stress, and energy issues. She believes solid sleep is the foundation for living a high vibe life, and leads others to fine tune their emotions, energy, and daily routines to feel fully rested and vibrant. Using a holistic framework, Madeline guides her clients to reach a state of embodied alignment, where mind, body, and spirit are fully and authentically expressed.

Madeline’s training as a mental health therapist, combined with personal success overcoming insomnia, creatively blends to meet each client’s individual needs. Clients describe Madeline as caring and supportive as she intuitively provides tangible tools for lasting change.

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Meg Haworth, Ph.D

Get Well Now

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As a survivor of sexual abuse, drowning, being struck by lightning, and healing over a dozen illnesses including fibromyalgia, Dr. Meg Haworth knows what it takes to overcome life’s biggest challenges and has helped thousands of others do the same over more than two decades. She is the founder of Lightning Women; Overcoming The Wounds of Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse, a movement for women who suffered abuse as children and now have a chronic illness. This link has been confirmed by science through the ACE Study quiz available on her website. She is a bestselling author of Get Well Now, speaker, and nutritional celebrity chef. She has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Los Angeles Times, and The Huffington Post and offers total wellness solutions from food plans to her Whole Person Integration Technique, multiple books in cooking & personal development, a podcast series on iTunes, online programs, private sessions, and wellness coaching.

Beth Larsen

Certified High Performance Coach™

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Beth Larsen is a Certified High-Performance Coach™, Happy for No Reason Trainer™ and founder of Flourish!, her signature program for ambitious women who want MORE: more success, more passion, more energy, more money, and more meaning. After a 20 year career in the retail industry managing sales teams and as a VP of Sales managing over $880 million in volume and 6000 associates, she experienced firsthand the effects of burnout. That’s when she realized she wanted MORE from her life and she made it her mission to heal the burnout and bounce back better than ever. She specializes in working with high achievers who have experienced burnout, are headed for burnout or who want to avoid burnout altogether and who don’t want to sacrifice ANY part of their life.

Dr. Keesha Ewers

The Mystic Medicine Doctor

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Dr. Keesha Ewers, the Mystic Medicine Doctor, is an integrative medicine expert, Doctor of Sexology, psychotherapist, medicine woman trained in plant medicine from Peru, and the founder and medical director of the Academy for Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.

Dr. Keesha has been in the medical field for over 30 years. After conducting the HURT Study in 2013 (Healing Un-Resolved Trauma), she developed the HURT Model for understanding how past childhood trauma impacts adult health. This led to the creation of the You Unbroken online program for patients to heal their own trauma and the Mystic Medicine deep immersion healing retreats she leads at her home on San Juan Island, WA.

Dr. Keesha is a popular speaker, including at Harvard and from the TEDx stage, and the best-selling author of Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle: The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Health, The Quick and Easy Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes with 7 Ingredients or Less for Busy People, and Your Libido Story: A workbook for women who want to find, fix, and free their sexual desire. You can listen to her Mystic Medicine Radio Show and find her programs at www.DrKeesha.com.

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Make Your Mark Global and In8Vitality

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Dr. Andrea Pennington (@DrAndrea) is an integrative physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher and conscious communication specialist. She is the Founder of In8Vitality, a #1 international bestselling author, highly acclaimed 2x TEDx speaker, visionary brand strategist for Light workers as Founder of Make Your Mark Global, and Co-founder of the #RealSelfLove Movement.

Tanya Penny

Occupational Therapist, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach

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Tanya Penny, Author, Occupational Therapist, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach, teaches, empowers and supports you to heal chronic Illness and past trauma using her mind-body-spirit methodology. For 25 years of her life, she experienced anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia and carried extra weight. In 2004, Tanya was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was her wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but she healed. She believes there is a place and a time for doctors and Western medicine, but if you are 100% committed to healing all areas of your life, your soul is called to go on a journey as well. Now, Tanya teaches the Therapeutic Meditation Process® (T.M.P.) and the 10 Keys to a Vibrant Body & Abundant Life®, trusting that it will find its way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to take the journey.

Theresa Vigarino

The Soul Essence Alchemist

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With the unique combination of Neuroscience, Emotional Trauma Release, Shamanism, and Activation of Christ Consciousness as a Clear Conscious Channel, Theresa weaves all of this into her sessions, known as Soul Essence Alchemy. A lifelong healer, channeler and medium, Theresa has spent over 30 years cultivating, seeking, learning and experiencing to emerge as a conduit of healing for others. Transformation is real, can be quick and amazingly fun! Learn about your relationship patterns, communication and confidence patterns, success in career cycles and the blocks that are keeping you from experiencing a deep, profound relationship with the “Self” and the Divine Creator. With the use of Christ Consciousness and Light, healing can be profound and transformational. She had a miraculous experience of healing and shown how to heal others through her journey with Mother Ayahuasca in the jungle of Peru and brings all of these modalities to her practice.

Cassandra Bodzak

Host of Eat with Intention TV, Chef, and Author

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Cassandra Bodzak is the author of the best selling cookbook “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up”. You may know her as the healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste or the leader of online mind-body-soul support communities. She is on a mission to help women all over the world who want to have it all – we’re talking big, juicy lives! This means making peace with their body, quieting their mind and reconnecting with their soul. She is here to assist you in tapping back into your body’s wisdom so that you can break free from negative self-talk, emotional eating and trying every new fad diet and redirect that energy towards truly living a life that lights you up from the inside out.

Leah Lund

Neuro Nutrient Therapy Specialist, Holistic Health Coach

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Leah Lund is a Certified Neuro Nutrient Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformation Therapist and Holistic Health Coach. She founded One Whole Health to help women change your brain and train your mind to reclaim your health, energy and joy so you can live a life that LIGHTS YOU UP. Her unique Brain Makeover Method ™ uses Neuro Science, Neuro Nutrition and Hypnotherapy as the springboard to help you feel happy and confident and find freedom from anxiety, depression, overwhelm, emotional eating, cravings, low energy, brain fog, insomnia, pain and burn out. As an Author, Speaker, Laughter Yoga Leader, Author and Mentor for The Neuro Nutrient Therapy Institute, Leah regularly appears on stages, podcasts and on line shows all over the world. She’s served as a keynote speaker for the Liberian Leadership & Prosperity Conf 2014 and The Inspire Event So Cal 2016 and Ecuador 2017. Her humanitarian work includes The Water Bearers project to bring clean, safe water to every person in the world. More information is available at www.onewholehealth.com

Tamaey Gottuso

Dream Life Accelerator

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Tamaey Gottuso has been a compassionate, multi-disciplinary mentor for over 25 years, helping individuals uncover their soul’s deepest passion and purpose. She uniquely works with each of her clients to gain clarity for their lives while expanding their innate talents and abilities–creatively, intuitively and spiritually. A sought-after Metaphysician, Transformational Leader, Dream Life Accelerator, Conscious Channel & Manifesting Catalyst, her greatest passion is to assist people with what she calls their “soul acceleration,” so they can powerfully and purposefully synergize their strengths and talents to manifest their dreams. As a seasoned yoga, fitness and wellness consultant with 9 certifications to her credit, Dr. Gottuso draws from her unique skill set as a motivational coach, to stir the “inner athlete” from within those she works with, to rise to their highest potential.

Dr. Andréa Paige

BioHacking Epigeneticist

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“…The new iconoclast redefining the neo-paradigm on what it means to lead a life full of vitality.” Andréa is a futurist and master of lifestyle medicine. As a practicing Epigeneticist, Andrea comes from a decade of setting trends in the international Wellness scene. Now working in future tech and Expert System Design, she programs Health-related Artificial Intelligence and works in biodata feedback, AI ethics and policy regulation. Side projects include: EQ Consulting in the Blockchain/AI space, hosting online fasting retreats and presiding over the Institute for Aliveness, training people to become truly holistic practitioners, prepared to uplift the plight of modern man. Andréa is also a Speaker and TV/Media Presenter currently running superhuman activation programs under the campaign “Live For Vitality.” She’s led retreats, trainings and workshops worldwide.

Madeline Charles

High Vibe Life Coach

Monday, December 10th

7am PST/10am EST

Q + A Live Session with Madeline

Join me for a LIVE Q + A session where I’ll answer all your questions about stress, increased confidence, and High Vibe living. This is an AWESOME opportunity to receive free laser coaching.

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Arielle Ford

The Cupid of Consciousness

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Arielle is a gifted writer and the author of 11 books including the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. She has just created the world’s first transformational coloring book based upon The Soulmate Secret, entitled, Inkspirations Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your Soulmate. This book blends Arielle’s step-by-step method for manifesting love with the romantic, original artwork of artist Manja Burton. It’s a fun, creative and powerful process!

She is also the author of Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, devoted to exploring a simple, fun and effective way to attain groundbreaking shifts in perception so that you can embrace and find the beauty and perfection in yourself and your mate. She calls this “going from annoyed to enjoyed!” She has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love. She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends.

Diane Lang

Positive Living Expert, Life Coach & Speaker

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As a Therapist, Educator and Positive Living Expert, Diane has dedicated her career to helping people turn their lives around and is now on a mission to help them develop a sustainable positive attitude that can actually turn one into an optimist, literally.

Through her three books, “Creating Balance & Finding Happiness”, “Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career” and “ Mindfully Happy- waking up to life.” Diane has been speaking and empowering people nationwide. She is also an Adjunct in Psychology at Montclair State University, where her college work includes mentoring students for personal issue advisement.

As an expert in her fields of therapy, Lang has been featured in the Daily Record, Family Circle, Family Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Cookie Magazine, seen on NJ 12 TV, Good day CT, Style CT, The Veira Network, CBS TV and “Fox & Friends”. She has also participated in a reality based Internet show, ourprisoner.com, hosted Generation X-tinet.

Kim Knight

The Emotional Health Detective

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I’ve been exploring emotional intelligence since my 20’s after being diagnosed with clinical depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. My lightbulb ‘turning point’ came when I fully understood how negative emotions cause physical symptoms.

After learning powerful techniques to clear negative emotions (sadness, anger, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, betrayal, loneliness etc…) I completely healed myself from CFS, depression, asthma, allergies, back pain, UTI’s and more. I studied multiple emotional healing modalities and then created my own ‘TKM’ method for total wellbeing.

Over the years, after working with many women, it is clear the roots of unhappiness and serious sickness are due to low self worth, self value and self esteem, which are the result of not receiving enough kindness, love and support in childhood. If we are bullied or abused, psychologically or physically, our self worth will be affected, and we will become dis-empowered. I love helping women re-discover their authentic power and true self.

Lisa Marie Grantham

Founder of Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

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Business Coach, Lifestyle Expert & Spiritual Teacher Lisa Marie Grantham is the Founder of Goddess Lifestyle Plan and The School Of Magical Living, expert columnist for Aspire Magazine from 2013-2018, International Best-Selling Author, and leader/facilitator of The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™. Believing that women CAN have both a beautiful life AND prosperous business, Lisa has successfully created a thriving, global brand while raising her children. It’s Lisa’s passion to teach ambitious, soul-centered women how to create an abundant life and prosperous laptop business they love!

Mia Saenz

Love Activist

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Mia Saenz is a Love Alchemist. As a 3rd generation Metaphysical Practitioner, Mia learned the wisdom of healing and prayer from her well-known Grandmother. Mia is the Self-Love Teacher for Anyone who Feels Alone & yet Dreams of Knowing the Joy of a Love-Soaked Life.

Through her work as a Love Teacher & Coach, Mia has discovered the depth of Love on all levels. Love truly is the Gold the Alchemists were seeking. Working through Love changes the energy of your story and opens the connection to have all of life’s purposes flow, which includes Love, Money, and Abundance. Mia works with people whose desire is to grow in their spiritual path building a concrete foundation in all areas of life. Mia teaches “Love Mastery”, and the “Spiritual Elite” with Mystics and their natural gifts. In addition, Mia is also a media host and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.

Sarah-Jane Farrell

The Trust Doctor

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Sarah-Jane is a love warrior who helps people (and animals) to trust and love themselves again. To reclaim the confidence to own their worth and know that they are enough no matter what anyone else says including their own saboteur voices. They learn to identify their blindspots, fear based self sabotaging patterns and unconscious commitments that keep them feeling stuck, exhausted and depressed so that they can transform their old victim stories and trauma into truth and triumph. because when you rewire your nervous system and stop the fight/flight  or freeze by creating your own safety, you never had as a child, you have a strong mind of your own to live a fulfilled, deeply happy, purpose driven life.

Her medicine is part ancient intuitive wisdom part psychotherapy.She has a solid background in alternative healing modalities, pragmatic equine psychology and body mind medicine, as well as  nutritional based science. She knows what works and what does not work coupled with an intuitive gift to be able to see what others cannot.

Her clients regularly report that her “gentleness, humor, depth of awareness, and ability to create change as if by magic, contribute to the massive results achieved in short periods of time.”

Since 2003, she has run a thriving private practice both in clinic and online and continues to reach people and animals around the world through her Trust Process and home study programs.

She continues to help thousands of people and animals recover from debilitating and misunderstood conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and much more by getting to the root cause of their suffering so that they can remember who they are and love themselves and their lives fully.

Sarah-Jane’s brand Access Your True Nature is her ethos and represents her desire to help leave the world a better place than we found it, one nervous system, one brain at time, by educating, teaching and helping people discover how they can become their own medicine. She is an optimist and a realist, an introvert and an extrovert, a creative science geek and a lover of the natural world

Phoenix Na Gig

The Womb Whisperer

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Phoenix Na Gig has been working with the Sacred Feminine for almost a decade with women in Britain and worldwide. Remembering the nature of our womb consciousness, she is part of the ushering in of a new paradigm of awakening feminine nature on the planet. She is fascinated by both the history and the contemporary embodiment and re-emergenc of women’s wisdom as a journey to healing, balance, wellness and power. She is also an academic research student writing towards a thesis recording the awakening womb experiences of contemporary women in the eco-feminist movement and anthropologically she draws parallels with the suggestion of similar devotion and ancient sacred/religious experience in the womb caves of the Palaeolithic. Her own journey began with a sense of magic and wonder and reverence for the natural world. As a young woman she was called to heal after ovarian surgery and look deeper into the uncovering and healing of childhood trauma and assault as an adult, that led her way back to the wisdom of her body and the body of the earth.

Maya Nahra

Registered Dietitian and Founder/ CEO at Nuuaria

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Maya is Founder and CEO of Nuuaria, a center for permanent habit and behavior change that is designed for people who have tried it all, feel overwhelmed, and don’t believe anything else will work for them…BUT they aren’t quite ready to give up. Nuuaria helps people create physical, emotional and relational well-being so that they can live their best life feeling good, happy, healthy and whole.

Maya is also a behavioral registered dietitian, the Food and Nutrition Contributor for 3TV Arizona, a writer, speaker, and a student and teacher of human change. She lives the nomad lifestyle and is a lover of all things wine.

Gabrielle Spencer

The Abundance Activator

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Known as the “Practical Spiritualist” and the “Heart Harmonizer” for activation of your soul’s life purpose to ignite your abundance. Gabrielle Spencer is here to help you clear your heart, spirit and mind’s energy to shift you into your power and dramatically raise your vibration. She is the creator of the wildly popular Path to Prosperity program, Women’s Ultimate Abundance and the Heart Opening To Abundance series.

Gabrielle provides NOW moment guidance for your quickest path to clearing out what is keeping you from reclaiming your own soul’s purpose and abundance! Get ready to have your abilities and gifts activated so you become the intentional creator of your life, destiny and abundance.

Jennifer Hough

The Wide Awakening

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Jennifer Hough is a Best Selling Author, Seer and Lover of Life. She made a traumatic transition in her 30’s from working for a multinational corporation doing forecasts, to seeing life, people and the world as an energy holograph. She now travels the world acting as a conduit for those who seek the ability to fully live out their purpose, with clarity and confidence. Why? Because it became clear that we are ready as human beings to be free, expand our compassion and fully enjoy our lives, instead of living out of fear and control. She engages metaphysical tools that bypass the need to constantly analyze by going direct with consciousness. Jennifer’s work is for those that know “it’s time” to be the change, be fulfilled, and find that ‘something more’ that is waiting for us.

Derek Henry

Founder, Healing the Body

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Derek Henry, Founder of Healing the Body and the THRIVE Online Health Program, used nutrition, natural remedies, and a holistic lifestyle to naturally unravel 13 chronic disease conditions that conventional or alternative medical professionals couldn’t help him resolve. As a result of this one-in-a-million health transformation and the knowledge acquired in the process, he is now happier and healthier than he has ever been and now educates, coaches, and inspires thousands of others to transform their health through a natural and holistic approach. To date, he has helped his THRIVE participants heal over 20 different chronic disease conditions, making it one of the most successful health programs in the world.

Dr. Steve G. Jones

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been practicing hypnotherapy since the 1980s. He is the author of 25 books on such topics as hypnosis, the law of attraction and weight loss. Steve has also created over 9,000 hypnosis audio recordings and 22 different online certification programs, which are sold in over 140 countries.

Dr. Steve has been featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as both a hypnotherapist and a millionaire. Additionally, Dr. Steve has been interviewed on CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Dr. Steve has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida (1994), a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.) from Armstrong Atlantic State University (2007), a specialist degree (Ed.S) in education (2009), a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) at Georgia Southern University (2013) and has studied psychology at Harvard University.

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